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About Bass Delight

Bass Delight is a place to discover the power of sound.  We are a blog dedicated to pure and powerful subwoofer systems, speakers for the home, the car and the entertainment studio.  Our love for subwoofers is expressed in our blog script, researching all new subwoofer models, presenting all the many useful details one wishes to find when setting up their sound stereo system.

We are the one stop, look-no-further subwoofer sound blog for anyone looking to find answers to questions about subwoofers, speakers, tweeters and stereos. We base our subwoofer reviews on facts, original content, expressing truth on our sound aesthetics, always happy at Bass Delight to review and blueprint anything with a subwooferizing effect.   If it sounds woof then we are bass delighted to blog it.

Bass Delight Subwoofer Blog is a proud participator of the Amazon Affiliation programme.

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