Best Cheap Car Subwoofer: 2017 Review

Subwoofers are audio speakers devoted exclusively to recreating low frequencies. Regardless of what type of songs you prefer, or how loudly or softly you love to listen, an outstanding subwoofer can enhance your over-all experience of listening. Car speakers are small, and therefore they have problems generating sufficient low-frequency sound to provide your music depth and realism. A subwoofer could make the variation among a great-sounding and a good-sounding system.

There is a great list of offers to purchase your car subwoofer online. Remember when we reviewed the best car subwoofer? What type is right for you depends on a lot of different facets, such as your budget, musical tastes, and the amount of space you may have available in the car. Today we will take a look on some cheap 8 inch subwoofer options.

Some Key Specifications To Think About

As soon as you understand what kind of system or subwoofer you would probably prefer to purchase, evaluating specifications may be useful in making your buying decision. Right here are a few key specifications to think about:

  • Power

    In case you want a system that booms, there is no alternative for a lot of power. Look closely at the rankings of RMS power, not the ratings of peak power. RMS ratings calculate continuous output or power handling and are a lot more authentic measure compared to the peak power.

  • Sensitivity

    Sensitivity should go hand in hand with the power to attain a higher outcome. The subwoofer which has a greater sensitivity rating needs much less power to create the same quantity of sound as being a model and having a cheaper sensitivity rating.

  • Frequency range

    Frequency range provides you a concept of how lower a subwoofer can play. Take into account, although, that the overall performance of the subwoofer depends on so many factors, such as the box type it is installed in.

  • Enclosure type

    The kind of enclosure a subwoofer is installed in may have a major impact on the type of sound this generates. On the whole, sealed boxes give you the greatest, most precise sound, while band pass and ported enclosures generate more volume.

  • The amount of the voice coils

    Dual voice coil subs are a well-known option amongst car audio fanatics who else want much more versatility in wiring their audio systems. While common subs have an individual voice coil, DVC (dual voice coil) subwoofers make use of 2 distinct voice coils, every with the own connections, installed on one cylinder, linked to a typical cone.

The sound system may be one of the majorities of essential parts for your favorite car. One of the majorities of important gadgets which you need for your car sound system is a subwoofer. You can pick Skar Audio VD-8 D2 8-in 400W RMS Subwoofer which not just produce excellent sounds but additionally offers appealing design and style too. Think about the subwoofer; you have to observe the specs and also the features which are supplied by the subwoofer to ensure that you could get the perfect one for your car.


  • This subwoofer comes with attractive style and design
  • The particular shallow mount design on this awesome subwoofer will permit you to mount the subwoofer on your car easily.
  • You don’t require huge space for mounting this subwoofer in the car.


  • This kind of subwoofer may not easily fit in different types of car.
  • In most cases, the quality of sounds can be pretty bad because of the design and style of the interior of your car.

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Whenever youCT Sounds Bio 1.0 have a relatively large measured motor vehicle and are getting excited about populating this with a top-notch audio system after that might you precede for a number of subs or a single large sized one as the smartest choice? This particular huge subwoofer will help you obtain entire your vehicle rhyme soothingly. The massive 3-in voice coil having 1-ohm resistivity helps to attain a lot more volume and assists the listeners feel as if an enormous ballroom!


  • It comes with a 4 voice coil (resistive) sub for your car meant to provide effective impedance output and high-quality audio
  • This subwoofer runs on 150W (RMS) with 300W maximum power
  • This can be easily installed in the depth of 4.15-in amazingly


  • The materials are not sturdy
  • It faces problems while generating high-quality sound most often

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Skar Audio designed the ix series subs to be the most effective, inexpensive, and trustworthy drivers in their particular power class. Ix series is the ideal option if you are searching for an inexpensive and clean subwoofer mostly designed for your vehicle.

Offering an individual slug premium ferrite magnet, coupled with a 2″ top notch voice coil, the power behind this conservatively ranked woofer line boosts industries criteria in what things to expect from a driver in this type.


  • It runs on 150 watts RMS power
  • The maximum power is about 300 watts
  • It comes with a 2-in BASV Voice coil (premium)
  • It features an advanced air cooling system


  • Price is higher compared to others
  • The mounting system is somehow weird

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In case you are seeking to droRockford Fosgate P2D4-8 P2 DVC p your feet into the waters while updating your sound system and cannot or even do not want to invest a lot of cash, then the Rockford P2D4-8 is to suit your needs.

At this time, selling at a cheap rate, these babies allow it to happen without needing to shell out a lot of cash. This subwoofer offers a Kevlar fiber strengthened paper cone having higher-density polyfoam, higher temp voice coils which have a spun-laced Nomex strengthened collar, and also a flex fit holder which allows for minor modifications whenever installed.


  • This is very inexpensive in case you are on a tight budget
  • It provides high-quality sound
  • It offers good experience for the cost


  • Not effective at handling the power
  • The wiring system is a little bit problematic

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The Rockford Fosgate P3S 8-in subwoofer provides Punch, in-depth limited circumstances. Rockford Fosgate knows almost all automobiles won’t be the same because a few are not able to support deep subwoofers. During the past, that intended no Bass. Not any longer! At this time even depth challenged cars may have REAL Bass and even the Double Voice Coil permit configurations for each application.


  • Offers good sound
  • Affordable
  • Comes with nice weight and dimension


  • It has weird corner
  • Manufactured in China

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In case you enjoy bass-heavy songs and have sufficient space to have a big subwoofer, after that we will suggest you get any out of the listed subs above. Still, in case you choose well-balanced audio on the punchy bass and even have minimal space, after that you may certainly choose the Best subwoofer. Although there are more possibilities, we outlined the best subwoofer of 2017 selected by our top staff. Purchase one which fits your price range and also requirements.

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