Best 10 inch Studio Subwoofers [Review & Comparison]

A subwoofer is a very helpful device in each and every studio for the bass management, especially for the reproduction of very low-frequency sound pitch. For user products, the common frequency range of this device is approximately 20Hz to 200HZ. Subwoofers are made up of a number of woofers installed on an enclosure of a loudspeaker.

A great subwoofer is strong sufficient to endure the pressure of air while fighting off deformation from audio frequency. They are frequently manufactured from wood, and also they arrive in a range of styles to match particular requirements. A few top quality subwoofers consist of a built-in amplifier; on the other hand, passive ones are run by a remote amp.

best 10 inch studio subwoofers

Whether or not you are attempting to monitor the levels of bass or even sound in the studio or perhaps at your home or maybe you want to obtain the top from your favourite albums or movies, and you want a reasonably priced subwoofer; after that you ought to be taking a look at the top 5 best studio subwoofers in 2017. These products happen to be beautifully made with efficiency and accuracy as the primary goal, consistent with being price-friendly.

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What You Should Search For In A Studio Subwoofer

So that you can come to a decision on which sub you should purchase, there are specific aspects which you have to seek out.

Right here is the list of factors which you have to search for in a studio subwoofer.

  • Firing Options

    There are 2 sorts of subwoofers: of subwoofers: Front-firing subs and Down-firing subs. In the front-firing subs, the audio radiates from sides and front of the speakers at the same time in down-firing subs; the sound radiates from the base of the speakers and goes up. When it comes to the production of the sound, down-firing subs are better since they can move without any interruptions from furniture or people in the way.

  • Enclosure

    You will find 2 sorts of enclosures which are located in the subwoofers: ported enclosures and sealed enclosures. Sealed enclosures which are referred to as acoustic suspension are very responsive enclosures which provide accurate and tight bass. Due to the fact they do not let air flow to move out or in of the subwoofer.

  • Technical Specs

    The technical specs are one of the most significant elements to think about whenever you wish to get a subwoofer. In case you are purchasing a subwoofer for the initial time, after that the technical specs may be hard to interpret and understand.

  • Crossover

    Simply speaking, the crossover is understood to be a subwoofer’s frequency range. The crossover of a subwoofer can easily be modified to add more bass sounds or more treble sounds. The guideline for putting the crossover up is very simple: Your crossover of the subwoofer ought to be fixed at the frequency in which your studio audio speakers launch playing.

  • Wireless or Wired

    In terms of connectivity, you can choose wireless subwoofers or wired subwoofers. The majority of subwoofers on the market nowadays come with the option for wired connectivity meaning that you will have to connect the subwoofer to the receiver by using a subwoofer cable.

  • Product   
  • Frequency Range   
  • Power   
  • Rating   
  • Price   
  • Mackie MR10Smk3
  • 28Hz – 220Hz
  • 120 Watts
  • JBL LSR310S
  • 27Hz
  • 200 Watts
  • KRK 10S2
  • 34Hz – 130Hz
  • 225 Watts
  • Behringer Nekkst K10s
  • 40Hz – 150Hz
  • 300 Watts
  • Pioneer SW-10
  • 30Hz – 150Hz
  • 200 Watts


  • Frequency Range: 28Hz – 220Hz

  • Power: 120 Watt

  • Weight: 27 Lb

  • Manufacturer: Mackie


Price: 92%
Performance: 100%
Design: 98%
Features: 96%
Build Quality: 100%
Manufacturer: 100%

Editors’ Rating



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This 10in subwoofer is an extensive renovation of the extremely inexpensive Mackie MR Series, Mackie MRmk3 Studio Monitors is created specifically to uncover the natural character and full range music should get. Enhancing features consist of an improved waveguide system for a broader custom-tuned back porting and a sweet spot for an extended and smooth response of the bass. The new lineup consists of a 6.5-inch monitor together with the 5-inch and 8-inch monitors, in addition to an effective brand new 10-inch studio subwoofer providing the proper set up for almost any studio. Mackie MRmk3 monitors are loaded with features to improve your listening experience.


  • Lowest Frequency: 27Hz

  • Power: 200 Watts Class D

  • Max Peak SPL: 113 dB

  • Manufacturer: JBL


Price: 94%
Performance: 99%
Design: 96%
Features: 92%
Build Quality: 96%
Manufacturer: 100%

Editors’ Rating



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The LSR310S from JBL is the majority of high quality providing that we now have obtainable on this list of review. The subwoofer is superbly made and includes the construction from a black textured wood having a10″ down-firing woofer driver integrated at the base of the subwoofer. Again, from patented design to effective fine-tuning features, the LSR310S offers anything that you require for the ideal bass response coming from your audio system. This is one of the best studio subwoofers you can get to suit your needs. Still, keep in mind that almost all these improving features are available at an affordable price – keep your spending budget as the primary goal before you choose the JBL LSR310S studio subs.


  • Frequency Range: 34Hz – 130Hz

  • Power: 225 Watts

  • Peak SPL: 113 dB

  • Manufacturer: KRK


Price: 92%
Performance: 98%
Design: 95%
Features: 92%
Build Quality: 96%
Manufacturer: 99%

Editors’ Rating



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The KRK 10S2 is one more high-quality subwoofer providing that a minimalistic and straightforward design. The large 10″ woofer driver handles the whole front-end of this subwoofer which is colored in black having a ported enclosure on the bottom part. The curved style and design of this particular front-firing sub make sure that a wider area of space is included by the sound level. Top-of-the-line features for example 4-position crossover control and crossover filter let you change the output of audio based on your needs. This is undoubtedly a powerful 10 inch subwoofer that offers the best performance than others.


  • Frequency Range: 40Hz – 150Hz

  • Power: 300 Watts

  • Max SPL: 117 dB

  • Manufacturer: Behringer


Price: 95%
Performance: 92%
Design: 95%
Features: 98%
Build Quality: 98%
Manufacturer: 96%

Editors’ Rating



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This particular reasonably priced studio subwoofer had been developed by the founder Keith R. Klawitter (KRK), which is a fascinating collaboration for anyone.
Behringer Nekkst K10S comes with a 10-inch glass fiber woofer, run by an amplifier of 180 Watt, and not surprisingly, it is filled with as many useful features as the Behringer can offer into its compact baffle, while keeping the price inexpensive. Features consist of RCA and XLR Output/input connectors, KRK developed cabinet having the front port, and also versatile controls which consist of crossover frequency switch and variable low pass filter.


  • Frequency Range: 30Hz – 150Hz

  • Power: 200 Watts

  • Feature: Detachable Power Cord

  • Manufacturer: Pioneer


Price: 95%
Performance: 99%
Design: 100%
Features: 90%
Build Quality: 96%
Manufacturer: 100%

Editors’ Rating



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The SW-10 features a maintained range of frequency varying from 30Hz to150Hz. To provide this particular low-frequency punch, it is run by a 200-watt amplifier BASH and includes an optimum peak output of approximately 400 watts.
The SW-10 from Pioneer makes use of a vented enclosure, and even in place of foam surrounds, it makes use of a wide rubber surrounds. Pioneer claims that this offers a much better bass response as it permits greater cone excursion. Also, the rubber is longer-lasting than foam that has a propensity to break down after some time. To fine-tune SW-10, the subwoofer has crossover and phase controls on the back.


The majority of studio monitors arrive with no dedicated woofer driver which implies that you lose out on the result of the low-frequency sounds in your audio production and playback. Studio monitors that include a woofer driver are not as deep and accurate as you might wish them to be. Because of this, a separate studio subwoofer turns into an essential addition to the studio equipment.

Nevertheless, selecting the best subwoofer for the studio may be very challenging. This is due to there are several aspects which you have to think about, particularly when you are searching for making the subwoofer usable on your studio monitors. In this particular guide, we have pointed out the numerous aspects which you have to think about while purchasing a studio subwoofer.



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