///Best 8 inch Studio Subwoofers [Buyer’s Guide & Review]

Best 8 inch Studio Subwoofers [Buyer’s Guide & Review]

Therefore you have obtained your set of studio monitors, and even though you like the accurate, flat sound, you occasionally obtain that itch for small bass rumbling. In case you are whatsoever like me, you utilize your monitors not just for mastering and mixing however for general use too. In case I have my buddies over, I love to bust out monitors and take pleasure in a few music on my PC (Come on, man, they are the sole speakers I have apart from my wireless speakers; however all those are not as effective ).

Best 8 inch Subwoofers studio

Even though the quality of sound of my monitors is flat and pure, from time to time the surroundings simply wants, even more, bass, particularly if you want just to bump a few of your favorite music. You are in a position to work together with this particular simply by purchasing a different studio subwoofer to look next to your speakers in the studio. Now we give you a detailed guide and review of the best studio subwoofers available in the marketplace today so that you can get the ideal one for you without any hassle.

Though, if you’re not interested at 8 inch subwoofers you can take a look on our review at the best 10 inch studio subwoofers!

Do You Know What A Subwoofer Is Exactly?

Many of you understand, but for giving a fast refresher, a new subwoofer is essentially a devoted device recreating all those low-frequencies of a bit of song, or in other words, the precious bass. Subs are utilised in a great deal of situations, like in cars, movie theatres, or mostly in music studios.

Considerations Before Buying a Studio Subwoofer

  • Your Financial Budget

    This particular is usually the most significant element of the buying journey; therefore take this into account very first to select a subwoofer best suited your financial budget.

  • Size Of The Driver

    How large do you want this? For subs, bigger is much better. Still additionally keep into thought the quality of the driver, as an 8in subwoofer having a steel grille is much better compared to a 10-inch cheap make.

  • Power Requirements

    The wattage provides us a concept of just how much thump or power it is going to give. The greater the count of the wattage, the more power a subwoofer can have. The standard watt capacity of a studio subwoofer is approximately the mid-100.

  • Desired brand

    All of us have our favorite brand loyalty, whenever you have individual experience with the longevity and build a brand, and then we suggest adhering with your practical experience, or else as mentioned formerly be happy to turn it on and match and mix models and brands if you please.

  • Raw subwoofer or Built-in cabinet

    There are great deals of studio subwoofers available on the market which comes just like the component; however, you will need to get a cabinet and then do the installation yourself. We did not trouble to list these things but take into account that this route is obtainable.

  • Product   
  • Frequency Range   
  • Power   
  • Rating   
  • Price   
  • Yamaha HS8
  • 22Hz – 150Hz
  • 150 Watts
  • Cerwin Vega XD8s
  • 32Hz – 390Hz
  • 80 Watts
  • KRK 8S2 V2
  • 35Hz – 133Hz
  • 109 Watts
  • PreSonus Temblor T8
  • 50Hz – 130Hz
  • 200 Watts
  • Adam Audio Sub-8
  • 28Hz – 150Hz
  • 240 Watts


  • Frequency Range: 22Hz – 150Hz

  • Power: 150 Watt

  • Feature: Phase Switch

  • Manufacturer: Yamaha


Price: 94%
Performance: 99%
Design: 95%
Features: 94%
Build Quality: 98%
Manufacturer: 100%

Editors’ Rating



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Studio Monitor from Yamaha HS8 makes use of 2 amplifiers. It has been designed to supply in-depth sound reproduction. This particular subwoofer is capable of generating 150-Watts output. It provides a subwoofer calculating around 8 inches, wave guide program to generate a wide variety of frequencies and 1” tweeter. It includes both XLR and TRS inputs.

It allows both unbalanced and balanced signals which will certainly get useful into numerous studio setups. This allows to get rid of unwanted resonance, therefore, boosting the accuracy of sound reproduction. Enclosures are manufactured from higher dense MDF components so that it can achieve higher efficiency. Yamaha makes full use of an old 3-way mitered-joint strategy which is relevant to architectural design. This is among the best studio subwoofers available in the market at an affordable price. We recommend it unconditionally.


  • Awesome detail, clarity, transient and imaging response.
  • It has a reproduction of tight bass.
  • Comes with a level control and built-in filters.
  • Comes with a detachable and long AC cord.
  • Offers excellent value.


  • It is a little bit modest reproduction of sibilance.
  • The XLR connector does not latch.


  • Frequency Range: 32Hz – 390Hz

  • Power: 80 Watts

  • Feature: Adjustable Phase

  • Manufacturer: Cerwin Vega


Price: 98%
Performance: 94%
Design: 95%
Features: 92%
Build Quality: 93%
Manufacturer: 94%

Editors’ Rating



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In case you are searching for a prolonged bass response, higher SPL and also a constructed port for suitable low-frequency positioning and minimal disturbance, the XD8s is the best choice for you. In combination with the standard audio outputs and input, a polarity switch, versatile crossover, there is also a volume knob available at the back of the subwoofer allowing the aligning of the audio to any studio monitors. A System Remote connection slot can also be found on the subwoofer available for use with the integrated XD8s Remote Control that enables volume control of the whole system. Besides offering a Bypass/Mute switch and the Volume knob; it is also equipped with an audio input jack.

The XD8s completely combines your complete audio system perfectly and the outboard accessories together with the integrated desktop remote control. The Cerwin-Vega XD8s offers the ability to manage several inputs, while also giving you the choice to swap immediately between your PC as a source or even other portable systems such as phones, iPods and other media players through the 1/8-inch stereo Auxiliary input.


  • Power efficient
  • Comes with a wireless remote connection which is provided for accessing the options of the subwoofer from a distance
  • Lightweight and compact design and can be easily moved from one place to another one without any difficulty


  • Does not feature preset modes
  • The cordless remote control is restricted to volume control only
  • It is not as loud as the most other subwoofers available in the market
  • The ported enclosure subs are not as precise as sealed enclosure subs


  • Frequency Range: 35Hz – 133Hz

  • Power: 109 Watts

  • SPL: 112.8

  • Manufacturer: KRK


Price: 94%
Performance: 100%
Design: 98%
Features: 95%
Build Quality: 92%
Manufacturer: 98%

Editors’ Rating



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The KRK 8s2 studio subwoofer is built on the legacy of KRK for sonic accuracy in a concise form factor. The glass-aramid, custom-voiced woofer provides defined and tight bass while Class-D Amplifier significantly increases punch, control and transient response enabling you to appropriately engineer the lower-frequency part of the mix. This awesome 8 inch subwoofer performs fantastically.

The 4-position selectable crossover allows you to change the setting of the subwoofer very easily to fit your current monitors. Integrating 8s2 subwoofer with KRK or other studio monitors provides an improved listening and mixing experience with a prolonged low end, while the unique feature of bypass-control offers full-range sound to the monitors, without the need of switching the subwoofer off.


  • Attractive design
  • Very simple to set up
  • Excellent power output
  • Great quality of sound


  • Very heavy
  • Bulky


  • Frequency Range: 50Hz – 130Hz

  • Power: 200 Watts

  • Feature: Built-in Crossover

  • Manufacturer: PreSonus


Price: 95%
Performance: 98%
Design: 98%
Features: 99%
Build Quality: 97%
Manufacturer: 97%

Editors’ Rating



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Our favorite PreSonus music gear offers to emerge with a couple of innovative studio subwoofers. In this review post today, we will be looking at the top quality Temblor T8 Subwoofer with a few fine specifications and additional features when it comes to making a custom sound. Whenever you are taking a look at studio subwoofers to boost your setup and also accommodate the studio monitors, you usually want to consider a couple of factors into account: most of the entire price, on the whole, built for an extensive investment, and as a final point the high quality of the audio output the subwoofer provides. In our viewpoint, this particular Temblor series comes with all of the above, although in case you want this specific product or perhaps the older T10 is up for you to decide.


  • Has gain control
  • Customized filter switching
  • Excellent protection mechanisms
  • Low, tight end and very crisp sound
  • Provides more than sufficient power with 200 watts


  • It does not have footswitch like its older brother has
  • Some users may complain regarding the driver is only being 8-inch


  • Frequency Range: 28Hz – 150Hz

  • Power: 240 Watts

  • Max SPL: 110 db

  • Manufacturer: Adam Audio


Price: 90%
Performance: 100%
Design: 99%
Features: 98%
Build Quality: 100%
Manufacturer: 99%

Editors’ Rating



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The Adam Audio Sub-8 is a small yet effective subwoofer built to lengthen the low-frequency abilities of any near field monitoring program down to 30Hz.

It features a strong and powerful 8 inch subwoofer having a 1.5-inch voice coil run by a 160-Watt ICE power amplifier. This amplifier includes low heat technology with maximum levels of power, even throughout long mix sessions.

The front baffle includes 2 motorized knobs which allow you customize crossover frequency settings and input level. These configurations may also be managed through the integrated wireless remote, permitting you to improve your sound reproduction out of your perfect listening position.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Offers clear sound
  • Very simple to use
  • Without any doubt, it is versatile


  • No cons


There are a great number of products available in the market, but everything that we reviewed here are the top selling subwoofers. For that reason, we think that after obtaining all this information, you can make the perfect decision. This is our suggestion so that you can buy one among the 5 above for we have been doing a lot of studies until now on this type of products. All the best!


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